Why all of the nests at the Indigo?

As proprietor of the Indigo Urban Retreat I am a retired public relations professional. After 46 years of working in this industry, I retired at the age of 68. The retirement ended up to be a “career break’ for me.

I decided to become a real estate broker and continue to help people and serve my community in a different way. I joined a real estate company called Nest Realty located in Asheville. The birds and nests really speak to me. When I decided to purchase the Indigo as an investment property, I had to incorporate the Bluebird, Yellow Warbler and Wren, all native North Carolina birds into my retreat concept. The accommodations were then named The Bluebird’s Nest, The Wren’s Nest, The Perch Nest and the Yellow Warbler’s Nest.

So that’s the story!

If, in your travels to Western North Carolina and the Asheville area, there may be a time when you start to think “I would like to live here” or “a vacation home here would be really nice.”

It happened to me as a South Floridian!

If I can help in any way to assist you transitioning into a vacation home, a full-out move or a future look into your own retirement that might include a cabin in the mountains, please feel free to give me a call!

Happy to serve you at the Indigo and on your possible Asheville area life journey!