Smokee’s Pizza – a new spot for delicious pizza

There’s a new Food Truck around Town, and this one is Weaverville-based and serving PIZZA. We recently chatted with the owner and operator, Jordan Siddons, about his new truck and the inspiration behind it. Learn more about Jordan and Smokee’s  here:


WBA: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
JS: My name is Jordan Siddons, and I was born & raised in Archbald, Pennsylvania.  I graduated from Wilkes University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I moved to Asheville in 2019 and quickly fell in love with the area. I bought a home in Weaverville in 2020 & work as a manufacturing engineer with Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Outside of work, I enjoy staying active, cooking & baking, seeing live music, and hanging out with friends and dogs!

WBA: What motivated you to open your business in Weaverville?
JS: Cooking for others has long been a passion of mine, and to have the opportunity to serve good food to people while they enjoy life’s pleasures was something I couldn’t pass up. I started making pizzas about five years ago, and finally honed the craft to a point where I felt comfortable sharing it with others. I became friends with Kendal Kulp, the owner of Wagbar, and he really motivated me to chase this dream of mine, and helped me out tremendously along the way while allowing me to serve pizzas to his patrons on the weekends.  Richie Lancaster, co-owner of CrossFit Weaverville XC, also mentored me throughout the process of opening, and helped me to build out the food truck in preparation for permitting and inspection. Then I met Jon Varner, owner of Eluvium Brewing Company, who allowed me to use his kitchen as my commissary, and gave me the opportunity to serve pizzas at the brewery on Monday evenings.  The help and support from these local business owners made me quickly realize that I wanted to be a part of the Weaverville Business Association, and part of the community as a whole.

WBA: Do you have any big plans or new programming coming up in 2022?
JS: Aside from our current schedule, which includes Wagbar on the weekends, Eluvium Brewing Company on Monday’s and Brouwerij Cursus Keme on Wednesdays & Thursdays, I am excited about some upcoming events such as The Furever Friends Festival and the Asheville Herb Festival. With Spring finally upon us, I expect we’ll participate in many more exciting events throughout the year.

WBA: What’s your favorite thing about doing business in Weaverville?
JS: My favorite thing about doing business in Weaverville is the amount of support and collaboration between other local business owners, and also the unwavering support from local patrons. Nothing feels like competition, and everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. It’s truly a heartwarming experience to speak with some of our regular customers and hear about how much they enjoy our pizza.


Beautiful artwork done by Jerry Cahill.