New Year, New Glasses, NEW YOU!

New year, New Glasses, NEW YOU!

If you’re thinking about making a change I suggest starting with a new frame! When you greet anyone the first thing you do is make EYE CONTACT! Whether you like it or not this means your glasses are one of the first things people see. There is a reason the expression is “head to toe” and not the other way around. Why is it normal then to have multiple pairs of shoes but only one pair of glasses? Yes, the average pair of glasses costs more than a pair of shoes, however, over the course of a year, glasses are not really what breaks the bank. Hair, makeup, nails… most women spend at least twice as much on these beauty upkeeps every year than they do on the glasses they put on their faces!


The analogies are endless and different for everyone but the argument is the same… GLASSES ARE ON YOUR FACE and the first thing people see! Glasses also determine how well we see the world around us. What good is a HDTV screen if the lenses we use to see that screen are distorted or scratched?


I have been fitting glasses for nearly 12 years now. It never gets boring because the possibilities and combinations of styles and personalities are endless. Yes, there are good fits and bad fits but there are so many different and great fit options out there… HAVE SOME FUN! If you are a contact lens wearer why not give your eyes a break? Go bold and start mixing glasses into your wardrobe more often.

STEP OUT OF YOUR BOX, literally! Consider trying on ROUND frames! Almost daily I hear people declare “I don’t look good in round glasses.” With the right round shape that same person later admits round looks “surprisingly good”. There are endless articles that will tell you what frame shape looks best on your face shape… They are about as helpful as someone telling you that if you have a white canvas you should paint with black. It’s unnecessarily limiting and a huge over simplification of fitting glasses. THERE ARE NO SET IN STONE RULES!


WOOW glasses in blue

WOOW Eyewear: So What 1

Prodesign glasses in blue tortoise

ProDesign: Danish Heritage 4733

CONSIDER COLOR! Blue is finally blowing up as an option for men and women in many collections and it is more and more popular with a wide range of available looks.

Woow glasses in blue

WOOW Eyewear: Marry Me 1


Barton Perreira glasses in purple

Barton Perreira: Cassady in Voodoo Child

Veronika Wildgruber glasses in purple

Veronika Wildgruber: Victoria

Purple is and has been for years the most popular by far for women. Even women who say they hate the color purple often find it to be one of the most flattering and versatile colors to wear on their face with any wardrobe.





FRAMELESS… BREAKING MY OWN RULES… Generally I find that rimless glasses can make a person look older than they actually are. Most people try to avoid this! Recently, Silhouettes came out with the Pulse collection that is so fun and playful, it breaks this generalization! We love the new shapes and you can’t beat the comfort!

Rimless Glasses

Silhouette: Titan Minimal Art-PULSE

Fitting glasses is an artform. There are basic guidelines, but it is a skill that one crafts over time. Not everyone has the same tastes but a big part of an opticians success is in their ability to find the style that makes the individual look good AND feel comfortable with their new image and improved vision.

Whether you are itching for a change, or you’re convinced the pair you have been wearing for the past 4-6 years is as good as it gets… STOP INTO OPTIX FOR A FREE STYLING SESSION! If you think you are a hard fit, TEST OUR SKILLS and frame selection!  No obligation to buy! Just let us show you what a transformation a frame change can make!