New Seasonal Aromatherapy Candles & Natural Creations from Bee Light Candle Cafe!

A harmonious blend of beeswax, soy wax & pure essential oils. 

This fall and winter we are delighted to feature a variety of new collections of savory seasonal candles and natural creations by Linda Guertler! For a unique candlemaking experience, drop by her Bee Light Candle Cafe located here at Artisans on Main (14 N. Main Street) to ask her about her process and take in some aromatherapy that will surely enhance your Weaverville experience.

Beeswax Tapers

We caught up with Linda to ask her about her process and why her candles make people so happy.

We love your natural candles!  Can you tell us how you came into making aromatherapy candles and what sets your candles apart from the many candles out there on the market?

I have always loved candlelight and about 12 years ago I bought a book and attempted to make one. Seemed like an easy process, but unfortunately it didn’t burn well or have a good scent. So, determined, I kept tweaking the technique and I researched and tested different wax mediums, cold and hot scent throw, heating and pouring temperatures, proper wick size, oil to wax ratios, pillars vs. containers, and so much more about using essential oils which throws another set of testing into the mix.

Healing, wellness & balance are incredibly important to me to share as I learn along my own journey. I want customers to have natural, pure, healthy, affordable products for their homes. My products are created mindfully in small batches and infused with holistic ideals and ideas.

Can you elaborate on your process and the materials you use and describe the importance of aromatherapy? 

It’s really important to me to use simple, natural ingredients. I use beeswax from a local family, USA non-GMO soy wax and essential oils I purchase from a local company that I trust that sources from all over the world.

With the testing and research of the wick & container size, oil ratios, pouring temperatures done, waxes are melted, oils are added and the pouring begins.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to soothe, relax, restore and balance. Our olfactory system responds to aromas, forwarding information to the part of the brain where memories and emotions are stored. Because the olfactory nerves are a direct extension of the brain’s limbic system, reaction to smell is relayed immediately. One little whiff of an aroma can transport you back in time to a memory of a childhood home or a grandmother’s kitchen, or it simply allows a nice sigh and a calm breath that connects us to a state of relaxation and a safe place within.

What can visitors to Artisans on Main expect at your Bee Light Candle Cafe?  

For sure they can expect Lavender, Lemongrass, Clove, Lime or Vanilla wafting in the air and a grateful girl happily describing her natural candles, moisturizers, lip balms, herbal salve and aromatherapy mists made with pure intention.

Bear Hug Group

They’ll find Magic Light Box Luminaries, Hand Etched Glass Container Candles, Pillar Candles wrapped in Honeycomb, Beeswax dripless Taper Candles snuggled inside Beeswax Fabric held together with Beeswax Buttons, Trust Your Wise Inner Owl Candles and Bear Hug Candles, Mason Jar Candles topped with locally handmade Magnets, Rosewater Mists, an Herbal Salve, several choices of natural Moisturizers including a warm Candle Moisturizer along with Coconut oil & Cocoa Butter Lip Balms.

Which are your favorite candles to make and what new products are you excited to share with everyone? 

Beeswax Owl Cube Lit

That’s a difficult question since I honestly love everything I make. My favorite element and top priority of making each item is that it be infused with the intention to help in some small way. When someone lights a candle and they find themselves taking a calming breath, or they smooth on that moisturizer or lip balm knowing it was made with pure ingredients that are good for them…this is my favorite element.

I’m excited to share a few aromatherapy Holiday Sprays, a Honey Sugar Face Scrub, Beeswax Wildflower Luminaries and a delicious Spearmint Lip Balm. The possibilities are endless!

Healing Bowl of Moisture 2017
Seasonal Products from Bee Light Candle Cafe