May 20th is Independent Eyewear Day! – It’s a thing!!



The fact that eyeglasses say so much about one’s personality, including the fact that people wear them all day and rely on them to see clearly makes comfort and function equally important characteristics of the entire eyeglass experience. It can also make choosing the right pair of eyeglasses seem overwhelming and impossible.  A thoughtful and trained optician will greatly simplify the many daunting choices of different styles of eyeglasses and even make the process fun. 

A great optician listens to their client while styling and giving honest feedback. Shopping for eyeglasses is not a situation where you want a “sales person” that just says ‘yes’ to make the sale. It is the optician’s job to guide you into a pair that fits comfortably with the correct size and shape of frame to maximize your vision.  No two faces are the same, and each individual has different optical needs and aesthetic preferences. With all of this in mind a properly fitted frame can greatly reduce lens weight and thickness, which in turn can save you money and increase comfort.

Our conscience can also create some distress when trying to make such an investment in eyeglasses. As discerning consumers we also want to know that our choices have a positive and sustainable impact on our community. Independent eyewear is the alternative to the large conglomerates that currently overwhelm the optical world. Monopolies disguised as hundreds of individual brands have sacrificed eyewear quality. These eyeglasses are mass produced “designer brands,” thus they are materially wasteful and have unfair profit margins. They remove the integrity from the design and sell empty logos when what we really want is craftsmanship and a collection that has passion behind it.

Optix is a curated space for eyeglasses designed to provide the client with diverse design options and quality hand-crafted independent eyewear. The independent collections we support allow our optician to provide you with lasting glasses you can be proud to wear. It is crucial that your optician is concerned with the big picture so you can feel confident about the value of what you purchase.


By Summer Cooley

Optician at Optix Eye Care