Free Downloadable Re-Opening Marketing Planner and Checklist

Am I doing enough? Am I ready?

These are the questions on my mind as I am sure they are on yours as well.  In fact, it’s what I’m thinking of as I fall asleep and again, when I wake up.  We all have worked hard to create the businesses we have. We’ve invested our time and heart and dollars into our businesses.  We are telling ourselves that we will survive this crisis but then we’re secretly asking ourselves, will I? Again, am I doing enough? Am I ready to re-open? With that in mind, I’ve created a free, downloadable Re-Opening Marketing Planner and Checklist.  Gather your team together. Schedule a Zoom or other video meeting to brainstorm ideas and review this checklist.  It will be one step forward and in the end, you’ll have a better plan for re-opening with confidence.

Click here to access the Free Checklist