Can You Describe Weaverville in 3 Words?

It’s hard to sum up a town as friendly and charming as Weaverville, NC. But if you had to, what three words would you choose?

Beverly-Hanks put Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe general manager, Laura Bogard to the test.


“Three words that come to mind when I think of Weaverville: One of them is ‘Mayberry,’” says Laura. “It’s sort of like that sort of small town feel—kids and young people, old people walking down the street.”

With so many events and amenities within minutes of the town’s center, not a day goes by without seeing people out shopping and dining. “There’s holiday parades and candlelight strolls, and it just feels really cute,” Laura says of the town’s popular annual events.


“I think [I would describe Weaverville as] eclectic, too, just because there’s the old timers who’ve been here for a long time. This area’s [also] attracting new people all the time, and so it’s really sort of becoming a little melting pot of lots of great, wonderful people of all walks of life—artists, professionals, families—it’s really kind of everyone,” says Laura.

Lake Louise Park is a hub of local recreation. The small lake is surrounded by picnic tables and shelters, outdoor grills, a playground, and a walking trail. It’s a perfect spot for family and community events, exercise, and romantic strolls.

Small Little Mountain Town

Continuing the theme of words that describe Weaverville, Laura says, “Maybe not just one word, but ‘small-little-mountain-town.’ You know, super cute.”

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