5 Ways to Protect Your Hair and Skin from the Summer  

The summer can be such a fun time of year, but sometimes your hair and skin may suffer after days in the sun, chlorine and salt water. Rough hair and dry skin are easy to avoid by trying the following tips to protect your hair and skin the next time you go for a swim.

Rinse off before you swim. Hair and skin will absorb chlorine, but if you shower off ahead of time your body absorbs the fresh water and then will absorb less chlorine or salt water. Make sure you’re good and soaked right before you go in to increase resistance.

Apply a hair protector: Stylists recommend that you apply either a deep conditioner or natural oil, like our Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, to the hair BEFORE going into the pool or sun. This product creates a weather resistant UV invisible screen to minimize damage and drying of the sun.

Apply skin lotion BEFORE exposure: Like conditioner on your hair, lotion on your skin gives you an extra layer of protection. Apply a sun protection if swimming outdoors

Wash after your swim: Rinse and really soak your hair in the water to help remove the chlorine and salt from the follicles after swimming. Using a gentle, sulfate-free product after you swim such as our Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser will gently remove the chlorine and salt from your hair and body.

Apply conditioner and moisturizer. Apply a deep moisturizer to your body like our Botanical Kenetics Hydrating Soft Creme and to your hair like our Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque.  Apply immediately after showering.  This will help lock in the moisture and keep your hair and body hydrated.