5 Little Monkeys Quilt & Sew

We believe that crafting is a passion. It is something that lives inside a person and should find it's way into the world through various forms of expression. Our chosen medium is fabric and sewing. The store we operate deals only in the highest quality fabrics, tools and supplies. We feel that in order for you to transform your thoughts into your beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade items, you need to be given quality supplies as well as friendly support and help. We thrive on providing both.

Come buy, have a chat and see what inspires you!

What’s your wish?

Isn’t it nice when someone gets you the perfect gift? That thing you really want, but don’t want to buy for yourself… that’s what makes a gift registry so awesome, right? Do you wish your partner/kids/friends could know exactly what gifts to get you? Did you know that 5 Little Monkeys offers a wish list […]

New Store in Progress…

The Shope’s Furniture store was one of the first building in our lovely town of Weaverville.  It is rich in history and life.  It has been a family furniture store for the past 102 years.  Before that, it was home to a variety of different things including the town hall, the post office and even […]