Music on Main 2024 Social District


New this year!  You can now purchase an alcoholic beverage “to go” from Main Street Grill, Twisted Laurel, and Maggie B’s during Music on Main and consume it on the street inside the event boundary.


We are excited for this new change this year!  This is an effort to improve, adapt, and create an overall safer event.  The ABC Commission approved “to go” drinks, which comes with some rules.  Please follow the rules.  Everyone’s cooperation is what allows the event to return every year.  Here are the guidelines that we all need to follow so that Music on Main can come back next year.


Date and Time

You can order a “to go” drink only on June 15th, 2024 from 3:30pm to 9pm.  You cannot buy a drink “to go” at any other time or on any other day.


Boundary and Map

You can only have your drink inside the Music on Main special event boundary.  This is where the road is closed on S Main between Merrimon and Town Hall (detailed picture below).  You cannot bring your drink up N. Main Street past the road closure, south of the Stage, to your car in the ball field, to your home downtown, etc.  You must discard it before leaving the special event boundary. This is perhaps the most crucial part of the event and impacts all future events in our lovely town.

We will have many “No alcohol beyond this point” signs.  Please follow them!



All “to go” drinks must be in a plastic cup with the special event sticker on them, as provided by your bartender.  When ordering a drink at Twisted Laurel, Maggie B’s, and Main Street Grill, ask for it “to go” so they pour it in the plastic cup with the special sticker.  These establishments are still open for sit down business, so you can still order a “for here” drink in a glass.  However, you can’t carry that glass outside.  If you have a glass, you must stay inside the individual business boundary.  If you want to carry that drink out, go to the bar and ask for it to be put into a plastic cup with the special sticker.

Hint:  No opened alcohol should be in a glass, can, or bottle on the street.


One drink per person

You can only order one “to go” drink per person at a time.


You cannot carry in your own alcohol

This is a super important ABC legal point.  You cannot bring your own alcohol into the event space.  We have both an ABC special event permit and a legal ABC social district enacted in our event space.  Each of these individually get a lot of scrutiny from ABC/ALE, and with both in place, we will definitely have eyes on us.  Please please please do not carry in your own alcohol.  ALE hates it, you get in trouble, and I get in trouble.  I am a small nonprofit who organized this FREE concert to celebrate the Weaverville community every year, and I really want to do it again next year.  I do this just for fun, so please help us keep it legal.

You can carry in any nonalcoholic drinks, but if you want to consume alcohol, it must be poured by one of our legal bartenders (from the Beer Tent, Maggie B’s, Main Street Grill, and Twisted Laurel).



Retail cannot be consumed on the street.  For example, if you purchase a bottle of wine from Maggie B’s and carry it to your folding chair, you cannot open the bottle of wine and pour your own drink.  If you want wine, you must return to Maggie B’s and have them pour you each individual drink (in the plastic cup with special sticker).  You can still order a bottle at Maggie B’s, stay on premise, and refill your own glass.  But you can’t pour that bottle off premise.

Hint:  All closed bottles of wine, bottles of beer, and cans of must stay closed on the street.


Beer, Wine, and Mixed Drinks

Beer, Wine, and Mixed Drinks are all allowed to be ordered “to go”.


Beer Tent

The usual Beer Tent will still be set up at the north end of the event, which is at the corner of Central and S. Main.  We will be selling beer and wine from the beer tent.  The Beer Tent beer and wine will be served in specially marked plastic cups.


No “to go” drinks in/on a vehicle

You cannot bring your “to go” drink in or on any type of vehicle, even if the vehicle stays inside the event space.  This includes a non-running car, bicycle, scooter, etc.


To learn more, the Weaverville Social District Management and Maintenance Plan  is the detailed and comprehensive guide to our legally enacted, one day social district.