“Take My Word For It!”

I'm Sondra, the writer behind "Take My Word For It!". I'm an experienced wordsmith with a twenty-five-year background as a freelance and on-staff writer. "Take My Word For It!" projects include annual reports, marketing collateral (print and online), e-newsletters, email campaigns, blog articles, and web content. Read samples of my work here: https://sondralynnhall.journoportfolio.com/

I'm also an educator and founded a creative writing program to bring the adventure that is writing to elementary and middle school kids. For fourteen years my organization served thousands of students in the San Francisco Bay area, Boston, and northern Virginia. I also teach adult creative writing classes privately as well as in community college programs. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the written word to transform both writer and reader, enjoy galavanting around in my imagination with pencil and paper in hand and am currently at work on a memoir.