Pia Silvani, Dog Trainer and Animal Behavior Specialist

Pia is an internationally recognized dog trainer and lecturer with over 30 years experience. She was instrumental in helping to change the world of dog training by becoming a charter member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Her goal has always been to combine her love of dogs with her respect and affection for people. She enriches the lives of both through humane relationship work and training. Pia has been training dog trainers around the world for 25 years. Her specialties focus on behavioral rehabilitation of extremely fearful or aggressive dogs. She developed the first "Feisty Fido's" class when living in N.J. which focuses on helping dogs get along with other dogs.

Pia offers one-on-one consultations for clients for feline and canine behavior problems and teaches puppy and adult manners classes at Asheville Humane Society. She comes highly recommended by veterinarians, behaviorists and thousands of clients who have seen great success in her work. Don't pass up the chance to work with her! Please visit her website at www.piasilvaniconsulting.org for more information.