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Health and the Happiness Factor

Health and the Happiness Factor By Maureen McDonnell, RN published in WNC Woman Magazine Nov 2017 Many adjectives have been used to describe the work those of us in the naturally-oriented health care fields do and how it differs from western or mainstream medicine.   A few decades ago it was referred to as “alternative”, then […]

Natural Ways to Keep Our Bones Strong

Keeping Our Bones Strong….. Maureen McDonnell, RN – Health Editor WNC Woman Magazine I’ll cut right to the chase – Due to the fact that our current health care system- (which really should be renamed our “Disease Care system”) is dominated by a very powerful pharmaceutical industry, most people (including physicians) are not clued in […]

Why Take a Multi Vitamin

Why Take a Comprehensive Multi Vitamin? In today’s world, with the extra demands stress, processed foods and exposure to toxins place on our bodies, it has become quite difficult to obtain all the nutrients necessary for vibrant health from our diets alone. Taking a high quality, comprehensive multi vitamin & mineral supplement provides the extra […]

Women-Toxins- Hormones & Our Health

  We are just beginning to recognize the role toxins play in our country’s high rates of hormone related dysfunctions including: infertility, birth defects, breast cancer, PCOD (polycystic ovary disease) PMS, precocious puberty, endometriosis and obesity. We love to blame illnesses on our genes, but in reality our genes are only partially to blame. Many […]